GEM Innovative Ideas.
We create events in sustainable way.

GEM is the international union of different design inspirations, that gives form to the ideas in an innovative and sustainable way in the field of events, intended as true business experiences through new concepts, sharing values and generating curiosity based on the following principles: :
Innovation, Enthusiasm, Inclusion, Sharing, Culture e Creativity.

GEM is an international instrument of connection between ideas and people, where everyone can find enthusiasm, the energy necessary to be able to make their dream come true in an unconventional way and transform it into a real project: the innovative idea is the focus.

If one dreams alone, it’s just a Dream. If many dream together, it’s the beginning of a new Reality.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser

GEM cultivates and shapes ideas.
It contributes decisively to the development and growth of international relations by enhancing points of union, and most of all differences, transforming them into points of strength through social innovation.
If you have a vision that you would like to make sustainable, we can make it come true.

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) defines an event as sustainable “when it is conceived, planned and created in such a way as to minimise the negative impact on the environment and to leave a positive inheritance to the community that hosts it”.

GEM has created the concept known as eventainable and has made it its core mission.
To make sustainable events come true with innovative ideas. .

Our attention to Ethics and Sustainability is also created by dedicating a part of GEM’s earnings to one of more charities/projects in line with our principles and values.