GEM is a group of experienced professionals, linked together by common values and principles.
Innovation and Sustainability are the fundamental themes that inspire such values.
Creating a network and enjoying the advantages of sharing opportunities and contacts is the guiding principle of this organisation. This principle allows the members to quickly and easily contact other professionals, share ideas, clients and projects, to improve the existing ones and to create new and innovative ones. Another advantage is to benefit from collaborations with local, national and international entities.
Choose suppliers and companies that are attentive to social innovation, all selected because they operate according to an ethical code and an eco-sustainable method.
These aspects contribute to the spread of a positive message through concrete actions and initiatives supporting non-profit organisations or for the creation of projects close to our values, for example contrasting CO2 emissions by planting trees, to which we dedicate a part of our business earnings.

The vision of GEM consists of passing from I to We, or from a personal logic to group logic. This occurs immediately, upon registration. All move towards the same goals and are motivated by the same values, by reaching objectives that an individual alone can’t achieve. Members, Together we can go further.